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In May 1430, Joan was captured by the English and accused of witchcraft. • Joan insisted that her visions came from God, so a tribunal of French clergy condemned her as a heretic. She was burned at the stake in Rouen on 30 May 1431. II \W/5 sou! c'1l115, ill /429. She thell took the Dnllplllll to Rlleill/s, to ve crolvlled C/1I1rles Vll. Knights ••••••• • • Knights were the elite fighting men of the Middle Ages, highly trained for combat both on horseback and on foot. • Knights always wore armour.

Inca builders cut and fitted huge stones with astonishing precision to create massive buildings. • The royal palace had a garden full of life-like corn stalks, animals and birds made of solid gold. FASCINATING FACT The Inca capital was called Cuzco, which means 'navel' because it was the centre of their world. Christopher Columbus ~ The venutiful sllOres of the Bnhnll/(/s lvere provnvly Ihose first spot/erf vy Colulllvus all his voynge westwnrrf. 58 • Christopher Columbus ( 14511596) was the Genoese sailor who crossed the Atlantic and 'discovered' North and South America for Europe.

He set up a colony on Hispaniola, but i't was a disaster. Spaniards complained of his harsh rule and many Indians died from cruelty and disease. Columbus went back to Spain in chains. • Columbus was pardoned, and began a fOLirth voyage in 1502. He died off Panama, still thinking it was India. - - - 4th voyage 1502-04 ... CollIJ/lIJ/I~'sfir~/ n/ld los/ l'o)'ngcs 59 The Ref'ormation •• • In the early 15005) many people were starting to question the teachings of the Catholic Church. They were angered by the power of church leaders and the life of idleness that many monks seemed to lead.

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