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To ensure stability, the down-load on the tail is kept low or even negative, so that it has plenty of lift in hand and a steep lift-curve. Since the using-up of fuel can displace the centre of gravity very substantially, the disposition of tanks is planned to suit and the sequence for usage of fuel from the various tanks is carefully laid down. To change course aircraft are made to lean over, or bank, like a bicycle so that the lift force gets an inward component. If bank is insufficient (or excessive) sideslip takes place, and for inherent stability the side-slip should automatically correct the banking.

If we timeaverage this deficiency by integrating the error signal and use the answer to adjust the original set-point accordingly we can cure both these troubles. This facility is built into three-term controllers with a proportional band, a differential action for error rate and integral action for smoothing and reducing the 'offset'. It is emphasised that such a system cannot be designed and made stable by qualitative commonsense alone; a study of control theory is essential. Sometimes instability is useful.

Some aluminium- and beryllium-bronzes can be heat-treated like steel, the latter to U. S. 1400 MN/m 2 • Since all have E ~ 125 000 MN/m 2 , this gives some of the highest elastic deflections obtained in metal. Some brasses and bronzes form good sliding pairs with steel. Although bronzes can be used to provide corrosion resistance, they are more expensive than stainless steel which is equally suitable in many cases. Copper Copper is used in piping, electrical work and where its thermal conductivity is essential.

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