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By Heather Adamson

This publication follows a veterinarian in the course of the paintings day, and describes the career and what the task calls for.

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Coast Guard vessels patrolled inland waterways and guarded the coastline. They also performed the dangerous work of intercepting vessels, searching for contraband, and supplying fire support for their allies. Part of their most important work in Southeast Asia was their key role in the set up and operation of Loran C, a long range navigational system. S. Air Force warplanes with precision navigation during their air strikes and reconnaissance. The Coast Guard is ever vigilant and prepared for any situation.

Their job is to stop the illegal drugs from reaching American streets. S. Maritime Defense Zone. S. coasts, ports, and waterways. Each year thousands of migrants try to sneak into the United States illegally. Migrants try to smuggle themselves into the United States on overloaded boats, posing imminent danger to themselves and others. Some migrants are part of illicit human trafficking rings, those trying to send women or children to other countries as slaves. The Coast Guard is always prepared to intercept them, protect the innocent, and enforce the law.

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