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As a result Roosevelt did not introduce any new laws to combat the Depression . Unemployment therefore remained very high for the next two years . In 1 940 Presidential elections were held again . This time it seemed less certain that Roosevelt would win . After a brilliant election campaign, however, Roose­ velt beat his Republican opponent by five million votes, becoming the first American President to serve three consecutive terms in office . S trikes The Wagner Act of 1 935 gave American workers the right to j oin trade unions .

Compare this photograph with the photograph of the 'Memorial Day Massacre' on page 2 5 . Jud ging b y what you have read, why d o you think there was s o much violence involved in the strikes of 1 93 7 ? C. In the Presidential election of 1 940 these slogans were used by the Democratic and Republican parties: 'No man is good three times. ' 'Better a third-termer than a third rater. ' 1 . Which d o you think was the Democratic slogan, and which was t he Republican? Give reasons for your answer .

I do not believe that the real essence of Roosevelt's achievement on the home front is to be found in the list of new federal agencies he created . . Instead, the very essence of his achievement . . derived from the combined impact of all his domestic reforms. On a very wide front and in the truest possible sense, Franklin Delano Roosevelt included the excluded . ' S ome statistics And two envelopes o f letters sent to Roosevelt had these addresses : 'God's Gift to the USA, The White House .

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