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You’re going to make your own assumptions anyway. After all, you know these people, don’t you? You went to school with them. We all did. Granted, that was twenty years ago, but how much does anybody really change? Exactly. So if you really knew them then, you’ll already have all the answers. If you really knew them then…Put on your uniform and line up in an orderly fashion for the funniest and most accurate trip back to the classroom you are likely to read, as well as a murder mystery like nothing that has gone before it.

There is, however, a reaction from the serious boy, Robert. ” “No I’m urnae,” she protests. “Aye ye are. Giein oot books for the teacher, staunin first in line. ” And with this he finally smiles, though it seems no more friendly than when his face was all serious. He confirms this when he turns to look at Martin next. “You an aw,” he says. “I saw ye oot there wi the teacher. ” Fuckin sook. You’ll get fuckin battered. ” Martin doesn’t know what a sook is, but knows he doesn’t want to be one if it means you get fuckin battered.

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