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American citizens and Europeans understand probability in a different way. american citizens stay extra non secular than Europeans and customarily nonetheless think their state is providentially blessed. American safety tradition is comparatively solid and contains the deeply held trust that existential danger on the earth emanates from the paintings of evil-doers. the U.S. needs to consequently occasionally intrude militarily opposed to evil. the ecu Union (EU) defense tradition version differs from conventional eu iterations and from the yank variation. the concept that of chance as evil misplaced salience as Western Europe grew to become extra secularist. Threats grew to become difficulties to control and unravel. The upsurge in anti-immigrant and anti-foreigner sentiment in the middle of fiscal situation undermines this version.

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One of the most influential revivalist preachers of the time, Josiah Strong, declared of the role to be played by America: “God has two hands. ”73 Here is the seedling for America the crusading state. ” To complete this duty, America had to become a world power, a position in line with those supportive of political Manifest Destiny and expansion. Strong reflected but also helped influence public opinion, alongside support from powerful political elites, such as Alfred Mahan and President Teddy Roosevelt, both of whom he knew.

Yet, changes on both sides of the Atlantic are occurring. The slow erosion of the proclivity to assign providential meaning to national identity is occurring in the United States, correlated with a drop in the number of Americans who identify themselves with a particular religious affiliation. Debate continues as to why each of these signs has emerged, and what INTRODUCTION 21 they foretell. Yet, in both categories, a plurality of Americans identify themselves in a manner reflecting continuity.

EU Europeans have feared instability, but especially irrationality; Americans have feared instability, but especially evil. ”1 Such sentiments are expressed in the chapter title quotation, which is written in Latin on the Great Seal of the United States. ”2 Recently, the nineteenth rector of Christ’s Church in Philadelphia observed of the role the grand narrative played: “Whether or not the Bible is true . . is insignificant . . the Pilgrims, George Whitefield, even Benjamin Franklin . . trusted the narrative.

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