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Similarly, we shrug our shoulders but not other parts of our anatomy. Examples of strong collocations are trenchant criticism or rancid butter. Although this does not mean that other things cannot be trenchant or rancid, the collocational bond is too strong. In his view the medium strength collocations are of the prime importance in expanding learners mental lexicons. Make a mistake and significantly different are examples of medium strong collocations. A white shirt and red wine represent weak collocations.

2. g. easily, just, hardly, virtually, nearly. 3. g. absolutely, utterly, totally, entirely, etc. Absolutive modifiers, according to Allerton’s analysis, combine with ‘‘superlative’’ types of adjectives. This group corresponds to the category of ‘‘maximizers’’ in Quirkian system. 4. Differential Modifiers indicate the difference of degree between the item being described and some reference point. They include far, much, a lot, marginally, slightly, a bit, etc. in combination with comparatives. Two points need to be made with regard to Allerton’s classification.

Lorenz 1999). Admittedly, Quirkian system is the most exhaustive one which has been proved to be very useful for the identification of various degrees on the scale. Therefore, it is this system that the present study employs to test the intensifying force of the adverbs collocating with adjectives. 2. Bolinger (1972) It is interesting to note that Bolinger (1972) had already applied the same logic of classification and indeed distinguishes four functional categories, namely, ‘‘boosters’’, ‘‘compromizers’’, ‘‘diminishers’’ and ‘‘minimizers’’, this is according to the place they occupy on the scale of intensity (upper or lower part) and the direction in which they point (upwards or downwards).

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