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By H. Salvador Martínez

A really groundbreaking e-book, proposing a portrait of Alfonso X, monarch and medieval highbrow par excellence, and the extreme cultural historical past of Spain at the moment.

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Alfonso X, the Learned

A really groundbreaking e-book, providing a portrait of Alfonso X, monarch and medieval highbrow par excellence, and the intense cultural heritage of Spain at the moment.

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Vis-à-vis such political and personal cataclysm which fostered civil war, chaos, and a new wave of Moorish invasions, Alfonso, after having resorted to all Christian kings and the pope and being ignored by all, was ultimately forced, in order to save his personal honor and his crown, to request the “alfonsine era” 13 the protection of his very enemies, the emir of Morocco and his fearsome warriors, against whom he had fought a merciless fight until not long before. It is an absurd and chilling story that seems more like a fable, more inhumane than King Lear’s, which Alfonso himself had narrated in the General Estoria.

Blanca and Urraca were already married to kings. 30 chapter one hand over the regular government of the kingdom to count Álvaro Núñez de Lara, who would also be the caretaker and regent; but in all matters of greater importance, she would be the one who would have the last word. 34 One of Alvaro’s first initiatives was to manage to get Enrique I to declare war against the noblemen don Lope Díaz de Haro and don Rodrigo Díaz de los Cameros, representatives of the other great family/clan who, together with the Laras, shared political and economic control of Christian Spain.

There was a period of intense negotiations with Rome 22 Alfonso IX was the son of Fernando II of León, who, in turn, was the son of Alfonso VII of León; likewise, Berenguela was the daughter of Alfonso VIII, who was the son of Sancho III of Castile, and he, in turn, the son of Alfonso VII. In other words, Alfonso IX of León and Alfonso VIII of Castile were the grandchildren of emperor Alfonso VII, and therefore, cousins. Berenguela was, therefore, the niece of her husband, Alfonso IX. 23 EE, II, p.

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