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Having appeared as a leader and sharer in the mainstream of human progress the Syro- 12 Bo URBAN DEVELOPMENT 45"47 '5 Palestinian area next passes into eclipse as a peripheral region. Pottery and metal working both develop in the north-in Anatolia and the northern foothills of the fertile crescent. In the sixth millennium with the culture of Tell Halaf and its painted pottery the centre of history moved away from Southern Syria and Palestine. g. at Ras Shamra and Byblos) that substantial buildings are found associated with the earliest pottery.

There are restricted snow falls but snow seldom lies on the ground for any length of time. Across Mount Lebanon and in its rain shadow the climate assumes a more extreme aspect. "The cold dwells at Baalbek", and equally it is hotter and dryer than on the coast. Then as the floor of the rift sinks to the South, the benign climate of the Sea of Galilea gives place to the warm winter and torrid summer heat of the lower Jordan Valley~a climatic vagary. As the western mountains have a highland Mediterranean climate, so have the eastern mountains but this time of a continental rather than an oceanic disposition.

BvBws rectangular building stone footings On this analysis it might be said that in the Syro-Palestinian area building technique stood in advance of social demand for a long time--three thousand years or so. In this study details of the social vicissitudes and regional backslidings of this period can be ignored. Necessity drives many generations to live in holes or hovels but these facts are unimportant for the history of building. The maintenance of building standards over this long period of the later Neolithic and Chalcolithic ages can be seen from two sites.

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