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By Miriam Lichtheim

Chronologically prepared translations of historic Egyptian writings shed gentle upon the advance of numerous literary kinds. Bibliogs.

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I, Catalogue general ... du :\fusee du Caire (Cairo. 1909). pp. 47-52 and pis. xv-xvi. Urk. IV, 1646-1657. Translation: BAR, II, §§878-892. J A. Wilson in ANET, pp. letzung, pp. 194-199. s). ImIflTe; the Son of Re: Amlmhotep, Lord of Thebes, beloved of Amen-Re, IA,rd of Thrones-of-the-Two-Lands. who presides over lpet-sut, given 44 ANCIE~T EGYPTIAN LlTERATt:RE life; who rejoices as he rules the Two Lands like Re forever. The good god, lord of joy, very vigilant for his maker Amun, King of Gods; who enlarged his house and contented his beauty by doing his ka's desire.

12 An abode l3 ofthe Lord of eternity, rich in goods; a place for I'l'('civing the produce of all foreign countries. as many gifts are "rought before my father from the tribute of all lands. lie has handed over to me the princes of the southern lands. ( I:')) Southerners and northerners surpass one another (with) their ~ilver, their gold, their cattle, all kinds of costly stones of their countries ill millions. hundred thousands, ten thousands. and thousands. I act lor my begetter with affection, inasmuch as he has appointed me as the Sun of the Nine Bows; the King of Upper and Lower Egypt.

I am his daughter in very truth, Who serves him. ows what he ordains. My reward from my fathcr is life-stability-rule, On the Horus throne of all the living. eternally like Re. NOTES I. I)'tn. ed. 2. Early in the Eighteenth Dynasty, the ~un disk. iln, achieved the status of a deity. 3. King Thutmose I. the father of Hatshepsut. 4. A tree revered as the nee uf life, on whose leaves the names and years of kings were recorded by the gods. The scene of recording is ohen depicted ill Ramcsside temples.

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