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Palmyr Gordier, whose general view seems to have been that in pajpha/ba, pojphojbo and ma/mo the original distinction was that of masculine and feminine Gender, writes in one place (Cours de Tibetain classique, p. 10 § 10) — "In a great number, probably posterior in date to the preceding, the Suffixes po, bo, pa, ba, on the one hand, and mo, ma, on the other, have lost all value indicative of the Genders, and have doubtless been utilized to allow a convenient distinction between terms primitively written alike or become so.

Cesjiesjses: ces after -g, -d, -b, and d (drag); ies after -n, -n, -m, -r, 4, and vowels; ses after s. Mss. irregularly — -g-ches, IA 66, 90, 95, 107, IV 138; -d-ches, IA 62; -g-tses, IV 19; -n-ces, IV 9; -b-Zes, V 12; -g (for gs) -ses, IV 184. 3. cig/chig/jig/sig — rules as for ces. cig: -n-cig, IB 3—6, 83, 101—3, II 8. chig: -g-chig, IA 17; -d-chig IA 130; -n-chig IA 131, III 25, 29; -r-chig IA 89. ) -jig III. 17. sig: -s-(s) IA 23, 65, 116, IB 84, III 2 4 - 5 , 28, 35; -gs-(g)s- IA 23, 116, 117, 130, IB 101; ^ -nsj-n{s) IA 65, 90, 95, IB 101, 39, 46.

14) has been seen in (l)dad-dgu, 'cud-chewer', sc. yak, IA 112—3. 8. -men in ba-men, 'wild-ox', IA 27, is apparently intended likewise in rta-rnen^ 'wild-horse', ibid. 9. The Suffix -can, 'possessing', perhaps derived from hckan, 'hold', occurs in g-yon-canjchan (III 3, IV 3) 'left-handed', (sc. 'perverse'), dnan-can (IV 20) 'evil', las-dad-can (V. 23), 'devoted to work', nor-dad-can (V 19), 'devoted to wealth',"nad-bu-can (V 25), 'having disease vermin', phrag-dog-can (V 20), 'envious', sems-san « can VI156), 'sentient being'.

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