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By Leonie B. Liveris

This publication explores the suffering genesis of a women's stream within the Orthodox Church throughout the ecumenical stream of the 20th century at a time while militant conservatism is rising in Orthodox international locations and fundamentalism within the diaspora. supplying an knowing of the participation of girls within the Orthodox Church, relatively through the fifty years of the club of the Orthodox church buildings on this planet Council of church buildings, this publication contributes to the continuing debates and feminist research of women's participation, ministry and sexuality within the lifestyles and perform of the Church common. The publication finds either the confident contributions to ecumenism and the problems confronting Orthodox ladies wishing to take part extra totally within the management and ministry in their church.

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Of course, this was not unique to Orthodox churches. A timely reminder of the struggles of women came some years later in 1981, when Reverend Dr Philip Potter, General Secretary of the WCC, referred to the first World Faith and Order meeting held in August 1927 in Lausanne and emphasized that regardless of the faithful service given by women in parishes, the mission field and in Christian education, there were only seven Protestant women present among the hundreds of clergy and laymen. He reminded delegates at the Community of Women and Men in the Church consultation in Sheffield, England that 84 Donald Nicol (1994), The Byzantine Lady.

While the sisters can and do deny men the right to worship in their chapels during services and can insist they do not enter the convent, nevertheless male priests are needed to celebrate the Liturgy and many other holy services. In Cairo convents are closed to the public, including those seeking spiritual guidance, from just before Great Lent through to Easter Sunday. However on Mt Athos, while the rules of the monastic order are spiritual obligations for every monk there is a clear exclusion of all females not just from the services but from the entire island.

It was in the atmosphere of distrust between the victors and the defeated that two major concepts came before the world’s governments and churches in an effort to ensure that the Great War would be ‘the war to end all wars’. 41 42 The West Australian, 15 October 1985, p. 9. org/worldnews. Women and Ecumenical Relationships 11 In 1919 the formulation of the League of Nations was proposed by the US President Woodrow Wilson and supported, though in modified form, by Britain and France. 43 Although the noble concept of the League of Nations did not truly live up to the initial ideals, the foundation provided for the encyclical pronouncement from the Ecumenical Patriarchate in January 1920.

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