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By Judith Butler

The distinguished writer of Gender hassle the following redefines Antigone's legacy, recuperating her progressive importance and freeing it for a innovative feminism and sexual politics. Antigone has lengthy been a feminist icon of defiance. yet what has remained uncertain is whether or not she escapes from the varieties of strength that she opposes, because the kind of defiance she exemplifies additionally ends up in her demise. Butler argues that Antigone represents a sort of feminist and sexual business enterprise that's fraught with threat. in addition, Antigone indicates how a tradition of normative heterosexuality obstructs our skill to determine what sexual freedom and political employer may be.

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It is not a transition, superseded and retained in the forward motion of Spirit. At once the outside, the entry, the limit without which the symbolic cannot be thought, it remains, nevertheless, unthinkable within the symbolic. At the threshold of the symbolic, Antigone appears as a figure who inaugurates its operation. But where precisely is this threshold and entry? The unwritten and unfailing laws to which Antigone refers, and that Hegel identifies as the law of the feminine, are not the same as the symbolic domain, and the symbolic is not quite the same as public law.

25 02ch 12/3/01 12:16 PM Page 27 L Box HD/Columba/Butler/138797 chapter 2 Unwritten Laws, Aberrant Transmissions n the last chapter, I considered Antigone’s act, what claim the act of burial makes, what act the claim of defiance performs. Her act leads to her death, but the relationship between the act and her fatal conclusion is not precisely causal. She acts, she defies the law, knowing that death is the punishment, but what propels her action? And what propels her action toward death? It would be easier if we could say that Creon killed her, but Creon banishes her only to a living death, and it is within that tomb that she takes her life.

Indeed, what kind of law would it be? A law for which no origin can be found, a law whose trace can take no form, whose authority is not directly communicable through written language. If it is communicable, this law would emerge through speech, but a speech that cannot be spoken from script and, so, certainly not the speech of a play, unless the play calls upon a legality, as it were, prior to its own scene of enunciation, unless the play commits a crime against this legality precisely by speaking it.

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