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S. Department of Transportation. Canada has similar requirements. Drivers looking for work often search online for companies that are hiring Arctic truckers. The website “Canadian Truckers” has names of Canadian companies that hire truck drivers. The Canadian immigration office accepts requests from non-Canadians who are looking for truck driving jobs in Canada. 29 ARCTIC TRUCKER GLOSSARY Arctic: The area of the Earth at or around the North Pole. avalanche: A sliding of a large amount of snow down the side of a mountain.

Uranium: A metal that is used for nuclear fuel in power plants that make electricity and is used in nuclear weapons, such as atomic bombs. white-out: A weather condition in which the wind blows snow through the air, making it difficult to see. winter front: A quilted shield that goes over the front grille of a truck to keep the engine warm and protect against flying rocks. 30 30 FACING NATURE’S FURY TO FIND OUT MORE BOOKS Guigon, Catherine. The Arctic. New York: Abrams Books for Young Readers, 2007.

He is the author of many articles in the popular history field. After working as an editor at Collier’s Year Book, he became the humanities editor for Collier’s Encyclopedia. He has also worked in television and won an Emmy Award for writing for ABC-TV’s FYI program. He is the author of Chinese Americans in Marshall Cavendish Benchmark’s New Americans series and of the book Storm Chaser in the Dirty and Dangerous Jobs series.

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