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By Conrad Wittram

Packed with distinct, in actual fact categorized radiologic photographs on each web page,
this lavishly illustrated atlas teaches readers find out how to establish and fast
diagnose the spectrum of pulmonary vascular pathologies utilizing the entire variety of
imaging modalities. every one concise but complete bankruptcy presents systematic
coverage of the imaging manifestations of universal, unusual, and infrequent illnesses.
Explanatory textual content vitamins each one top of the range photograph to focus on simply the main
relevant, must-know information.


  • In-depth insurance of the way the pulmonary vessels are
    tormented by congenital anomalies, cardiac ailment, emboli, in situ thrombosis,
    vasculitis, tumors, aneurysms, and different key lung vessel pathologies
  • 359 high-resolution radiologic photographs show a
    big variety of imaging modalities, from radiography, angiography, and
    multislice CT, to MRI, ultrasound, and nuclear imaging
  • Succinct bullet-point layout allows speedy and straightforward
  • High-quality angiogiographic and correlative CT
    photographs and instructive drawings illustrate the diagnostic standards of
    pulmonary embolism
  • Tips on easy methods to realize pulmonary embolism mimics,
    such as partial quantity and flow-related artifacts

This image-rich quantity is
ideal for clinicians, fellows, and citizens in radiology, breathing medication,
emergency drugs, cardiology, and cardiothoracic surgical procedure as either an instructional instrument and a effortless reference for daily practice.

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A) Chest radiograph shows that the heart is enlarged. The main, central, and peripheral pulmonary arteries are also enlarged. (B) Lateral radiograph shows dilatation of the right ventricle, evidenced by a decrease in the normal retrosternal translucency (arrow). 3 Cardiac Disease Fig. 4 (Continued ) Ventricular septal defect in a 60-year-old man. (C) CT demonstrates a large main pulmonary artery (PA). (D) A CT image obtained further caudad shows the ventricular septal defect (arrow). C D ◆ Patent Ductus Arteriosus In the fetus, the ductus arteriosus connects the left pulmonary artery with the descending aorta just distal to the left subclavian artery.

In this patient, all three segmental arteries of left upper lobe arise directly from main pulmonary artery. Nonuniform arterial perfusion (arrowhead) is seen on arteriogram. (B) Curved coronal reformatted CT image shows nonobstructive filling defect (arrow). CT also shows more proximal nonobstructive thrombus (arrowhead) within main pulmonary artery, more easily seen on CT than on angiogram in A.

18). It arises from the right posterolateral part of the aorta. The right and left bronchial arteries arise from the anterolateral aspect of the aorta. ◆ Fig. 18 Normal selective digital bronchial artery angiogram in a 27-year-old man. The right intercostobronchial artery branches to the right bronchus and extends superiorly to the right ribs. 1 Anatomy origins include the aortic arch, internal mammary artery, thyrocervical trunk, subclavian artery, costocervical trunk, brachiocephalic artery, pericardiacophrenic artery, inferior phrenic artery, and abdominal aorta.

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