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By Philip F. Esler

This paintings considers the tale at the back of papyri chanced on in 1960 within the Cave of Letters by way of the lifeless Sea. The archive includes a variety of contracts and deeds entered into by means of a Jewish girl named Babatha, daughter of a land proprietor named Shim'on, on the finish of the 1st century.


This paintings considers the tale in the back of papyri chanced on in 1961 within the Cave of Letters by means of the lifeless Sea. The archive comprises numerous contracts and deeds entered into through a Jewish lady named Babatha, Read more...

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Hearing Testimony. Constructing Narrative. Lincoln, Nebraska and London: University of Nebraska Press, 15). 100 26 Babatha’s Orchard assumption, but one that must cede to the evidence if necessary. This is that any document in the Babatha archive is likely to be there because it strengthens the legal position of Shi‘mon, Babatha’s father, and subsequently Babatha herself—either as a positive reinforcement of that position, or defensively, as responsive to any legal attack that may be made against them or their property or has a bearing on the current legal position of cognate or affinal relatives.

V. Kirch (1992) The Archaeology of History, Volume Two, in his work cowritten with M. Sahlins: Anahulu: The Anthropology of History in the Kingdom of Hawaii. Chicago and London: The University of Chicago Press, 1. 68 R. Lennartsson (2011) ‘Notes on “Not Being There”: Ethnographic Excursions in Eighteenth-Century Stockholm, Ethnologia Europaea 42: 105–14 and R. Lennartsson (2012) ‘Archival Ethnography: Reflections on a Lost Note’, Historische Anthropologie. php>. 69 Decker 2013 and S. Decker (2014) ‘Solid Intentions: An Archival Ethnography of Corporate Architecture and Organizational Remembering’, Organization 21: 514–542.

32 Babatha’s Orchard and were drafted within the jurisdiction of the Nabatean kingdom, in a town in Nabatea, in Nabatean Aramaic, by Nabatean scribes, in accordance with Nabatean law and solely involved Nabateans as parties and witnesses, with the exception of Shim‘on. We also know that many of his Nabatean neighbours bore names referring to Nabatean gods, since their names appear at various places in the papyri and their theophoric elements are clear. Regrettably, our knowledge of the kingdom suffers from the fact that not a single historical work or passage survives from a Nabatean author.

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