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By J Krishnamurti

Krishnamurti believed that “education is the center of the matter.” His longstanding trouble with the character and difficulties of schooling led him to came across faculties in India, England, and the US, and his conversations with scholars, lecturers, and oldsters shape the foremost a part of Beginnings of studying. those vigorous, usually intimate exchanges activate functional, daily concerns in addition to wider philosophical concerns, as Krishnamurti encourages his viewers to understand that the start of knowledge is self-knowledge. Jiddu Krishnamurti was once born in southern India in 1895 and died in 1986. The essence of his teachings is that societal switch and global peace can simply happen via a whole switch of person awareness.

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Questioner: Through practice. Krishnamurti: Which means doing things. " Looking after it, caring for it - that gives you an opportunity to care for something. Have you ever dug the soil? - you get in touch with the earth. html (9 of 19) [27/04/2008 00:07:02] BEGINNINGS OF LEARNING PART I CHAPTER 2 SCHOOL DIALOGUE BROCKWOOD PARK 18TH SEPTEMBER 1970 of intense, active, clear thinking, working, studying at the highest level. And also to have skill in action, which is doing things. When you play the guitar, play it properly, not just strum.

Please stop me if you don't understand. " We are trying to find out together. As we happen to be a small community, what does it mean to live together intelligently? Obviously the first thing is that there should be freedom between you and me and the others. Freedom doesn't mean doing what you want to do, because if each one of us did what he wanted there would be chaos here. Or a few of you would form a group thinking this is what we want to do in freedom, as opposed to another group. That is not freedom either.

Questioner: We're going to go into it. Krishnamurti: But if they refuse to go into it. Questioner: That's what we are doing now, laying the foundations for that. Krishnamurti: That's just it, we are trying to lay the foundations so that we can live together intelligently. Not, you live intelligently and you tell me; or I tell you, but together. It's our responsibility together to be intelligent. Now what does that word mean? According to the dictionary it means to understand, to have the faculty of understanding.

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