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The giant golden book of mathematics : exploring the world of numbers and space

A proof of the technology of numbers and house, with easy demonstrations of mathematics, algebra, trigonometry, arithmetic in song and artwork, and together with a few methods and video games utilizing numbers.

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0634 20. 247 21. 78 22. 892 In Exercises 23–26, round the numbers to the nearest hundredth. 23. 1066 24. 596 25. 4902 26. 734 In Exercises 27–30, round the numbers to the nearest thousandth. 27. 46071 28. 7254 29. 226822 30. 1007 31. 609344 km. Write this to the nearest hundredth of a kilometer. 57 in his pocket. 32. How much money does Malik have to the nearest dollar? 33. How much money does Malik have to the nearest dime? 34. How much money does Malik have to the nearest quarter? 8375: 1. to the nearest hundred 3.

2 This graph shows how many people visited a theme park last week. The manager only wants a rough idea of how many visitors there were each day. Estimate the total number of people who visited the park over Friday and Saturday. Solution 25,000 Number of visitors Example 20,000 15,000 10,000 5000 0 M T W F Th Day of week S Sun The value for Friday is about halfway between 15,000 and 20,000 on the vertical axis, so a good estimate for Friday would be about 17,500 people. A good estimate for Saturday might be 21,000, because the value for Saturday is just above 20,000.

33. What is this amount to the nearest quarter? 12. 4516 cm². Convert 6 in² to cm², then round your answer to the nearest hundredth. Round Up Rounding numbers makes them easier to deal with. You can use rounded numbers to quickly find an approximate answer when you don’t need an exact one. They can also help you to check your work, by letting you get an idea of how big your answer should be. 2 Using R ounded Number s Rounded Numbers California Standards: This Lesson will tell you more about using rounded numbers.

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