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By C. E. Eckersley, Margaret Macaulay, Phebean A. Ogundipe

This ever well known four-book sequence Brighter Grammar is helping scholars comprehend the foremost issues of English grammar, utilizing merely crucial technical phrases. Graded workouts let academics to observe improvement, and energetic illustrations increase the textual content and keep the scholars' intrest.

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After winning independence from Britain, the newly formed United States maintained its Navy and its Marine battalions. During the 1800s, American merchant ships often encountered thieves and were attacked by pirates while at sea. The Marines traveled with the Navy, defending these vessels and enforcing their safe passage. FREEDOM FACT Birth of the Corps: On November 10, 1775, at a meeting of the Continental Congress at Tun’s Tavern in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, formal plans were made to assemble two battalions of Continental Marines.

Marines live by a code of honor. They train and prepare. They follow orders from their superiors. If called upon by the president, they can respond to any crisis by air, sea, or land. The head of the United State Marine Corps is called the General Commandant. James Amos is the 35th in the history of the Marine Corps. As Commandant, he is the highest ranking person in the entire Corps. The Commandant is also a member of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, which advises the President on military matters. Marines call John Lejeune the greatest of all Leathernecks.

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