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By M. A. Hayat

This two-volume reference booklet will current imaging know-how at the moment utilized in clinics or at experimental levels for analysis and/or early detection of varied cancers, together with anticancer vaccines, surgical strategies, chemotherapy, radiation, and gene remedies. Cancers mentioned will comprise breast, lung, liver, prostate, cervical, mind, gastrointestinal, ovarian, gallbladder, esophageal, head and neck, bronchial, bone, thyroid, pancreatic, lymphoma, cancer, and a number of myeloma malignancies. nearly a hundred examine scientists and clinicians from greater than 20 nations will give a contribution chapters. . Concentrates at the program of imaging know-how to the analysis and analysis of lung and breast carcinomas, the 2 significant world-wide malignancies . Addresses courting among radiation dose and photograph caliber . Discusses the function of molecular imaging in selecting adjustments for the emergence and development of melanoma on the mobile and/or molecular degrees

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It is difficult to imagine where disciplines of determination of cancer risk and intervention, cancer diagnosis and treatment, radiation dose determination, and therapy assessment would be without these tools. These modalities are also beginning to be used for drug development and gene therapy. Briefly, the importance of prior laboratory prediction of individual drug response Introduction cannot be overestimated. Drug sensitivity is determined by multiple genes. The complexity of mechanisms involved in drug sensitivity becomes apparent considering that gene expression profiles in response to drug exposure vary considerably among individuals even for the same drug or regimen.

These xliv Selected Glossary regional differences in the immunophenotypic profile within the same tumor are referred to as intratumoral heterogeneity. Therapeutic agents that have been used include radioisotopes, toxins, cytokines, and immunologic cells. IMRT: Intensity-modulated radiation therapy; a special form of CFRT (conformal radiotherapy). IMRT is the delivery of radiation to the patient via fields that have nonuniform radiation fluence. However, it is fluence, not intensity, that is modulated.

I Instrumentation ▲ ▲ This page intentionally left blank ▲ ▲ 1 Strategies for Imaging Biology in Cancer and Other Diseases Philipp Mayer-Kuckuk and Debabrata Banerjee Introduction years. Molecular imaging has been previously defined as “the in vivo characterization and measurement of biologic processes at the cellular and molecular level” (Weissleder and Mahmood, 2001). In the longer term, molecular imaging is likely to further develop into a diagnostic tool capable of tissue profiling at the molecular level.

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