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The essence of all these situations lies in t h e fact that in plants, as probably also in m a n y invertebrate groups, reproductive isolation com­ monly arises without genetic differentiation. W h a t changes is the genetic 2. SPECIES CONCEPTS 31 system, not the gene complex, and phenotypic differences are not therefore necessarily to be expected. This kind of situation contrasts strongly with that apparently prevalent among mammals and birds, where t h e concept of the biological species finds its greatest success.

Clinal variation is widespread among flowering plants, and indeed it might be argued that it m u s t be present in some form in all wide-ranging species t h e distribution ranges of which either span several degrees of latitude or encompass more t h a n one climatic belt. The gradient m a y affect a number of characters simultaneously, including both vegetative and reproductive features, as in Alnus glutinosa in t h e British Isles (McVean, 1953), or m a y be observable in only one quantitatively varying characteristic (Dactylorchisfuchsii, Heslop-Harrison, 1960a).

T o I n s t a n c e a few for Example, as Aniss, Caraway, Cummin, Angelica, Smattage, Parsly, Lovage, e t c . . " 2 . L e t u s n o w look i n t o a n o t h e r Class, Viz. t h e Plantae Galeatae a n d VerticMatae . . t h e Florae Galeatae seu Labiatae. . " N o w w h e r e a s t h e g r e a t e s t V e r t u e of t h e Umbelliferous Tribe, w e r e specified t o lye in t h e Seed . . t h e Sovereign b a l m of t h e s e chiefly con­ sist in t h e i r Leaves a n d Husks, r a t h e r t h a n t h e Flowers; w h i c h last, especially all Authors h a s h i t h e r t o given t h e preference t o .

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