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By Marcel Florkin

Chemical Zoology, quantity II: Porifera, Coelenterata, and Platyhelminthes provides chemical info on zoological importance. This publication is prepared into 3 sections; every one part offers with the organic and biochemical points of the explicit phylum.
The first part examines 3 huge sessions of Porifera, specifically, Calcarea, Demospongiae, and Hexactinellida. It describes the skeletal constitution, pigments, nutrients, digestion, composition, middleman metabolism, and hibernation of Porifera. the second one part covers the class, pigments, feeding reaction, digestion, nutrients, ecology, pharmacology, and middleman metabolism of Coelenterata. The final part is dedicated to the type, foodstuff, digestion, breathing and middleman metabolism, progress, improvement, and tradition equipment, in addition to the chemical elements of ecology of Platyhelminthes.
This ebook is a useful source for zoologists and biochemists.

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The organic nutrients were mixed with this inorganic and antibiotic solution at concentrations rang- 4. NUTRITION AND DIGESTION 47 ing from % 0 o o to Y10 of those currently used in mammalian tissue cul­ n o ture. At the lowest concentration ( % o o o ) > effect on the sponges was noticed within 3 weeks. At higher concentrations, germination took place, but the freshly hatched sponges deorganized and died within a week. In the experiments by I. Schmidt mentioned above, some of the con­ trols implied that the sponges be fed uncoupled fluorescent antibody in solution.

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