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This quantity contains well timed studies of numerous points of chromatin biology written by way of scientists on the leading edge of this quickly relocating box. issues coated comprise the constitution and serve as of protein modules inside chromatin-remodeling proteins, newly characterised histone variations (methylation, ubiquitylation) and their sensible results, transcription and histone dynamics, roles of chromatin home improvement elements in DNA replication and service, and present versions of nucleosome-remodeling mechanisms.

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Furthermore, there are probably many more histone demethylases and binders of methyl lysine residues that await identification. , mono- versus di- versus trimethylated lysine. For example, it has been postulated that an effector protein specifically recognizing H3 lysine trimethylation should act downstream of the WDR5 protein (Wysocka et al. 2005). What is already apparent from our current understanding of histone methylation is that the clue to their physiological significance is the recruitment and stabilization of regulatory proteins to specific chromatin locations during gene regulation or DNA damage repair.

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