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By Lee Harris

Forgetfulness happens whilst those that were lengthy inured to civilized order can not have in mind a time during which they'd to wonder if their plants might develop to adulthood with no being stolen or their young children bought into slavery through a positive foe....They omit that during time of chance, within the face of the enemy, they have to belief and speak in confidence one another, or perish....They disregard, briefly, that there has ever been a class of human adventure referred to as the enemy.

"That, sooner than September 11, was once what had occurred to us. The very proposal of the enemy have been banished from our ethical and political vocabulary. An enemy was once only a good friend we hadn't performed adequate for but. or even there have been a false impression, or an oversight on our half -- whatever that shall we correct....

"Our first job is hence to aim to know what the idea that of the enemy particularly potential. The enemy is a person who's prepared to die so one can kill you. And whereas it's actual that the enemy constantly hates us for a cause, it's his cause, and never ours."

So starts off Civilization and Its Enemies, a rare journey de strength via America's "reigning thinker of 9/11," Lee Harris. What Francis Fukuyama did for the top of the chilly battle, Lee Harris has now performed for the subsequent nice clash: the conflict among the civilized global and the foreign terrorists who desire to smash it. each one significant turning aspect in our background has produced one nice philosopher who has been capable of step again from petty disagreements and spot the larger photograph -- and Lee Harris has emerged as that guy for our time. he's the person who has helped make experience of the terrorists' fantasies and who forces us so much strongly to confront the truth that our enemy -- for the 1st time in centuries -- refuses to play by means of any of our principles, or to imagine in any of our different types.

we're all clearly reluctant to stand a real enemy. such a lot folks can't hand over the parable that tolerance is the best of virtues and that we will by some means convert the enemy to our ideals. but, as Harris's remarkable journey in the course of the levels of civilization demonstrates, from Sparta to the French Revolution to the current, civilization depends on brute strength, competently wielded through a sovereign. this day, in simple terms the USA can play the function of sovereign at the international degree, by way of strength while important.

Lee Harris's articles were hailed via thinkers from around the spectrum. His message is an everlasting person who will switch the way in which readers imagine -- in regards to the struggle with Iraq, approximately terrorism, and approximately our future.

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1 The Riddle of the Enemy "KNOW YOUR ENEMY" is an admirable maxim of prudence, but one that is difficult to observe in practice. Nor is the reason hard to fathom: if you are my enemy, it is unlikely that I will go very much out of my way to learn to see things from your point of view. And if this ignorance exists even where the conflict is between groups that share a common culture, how much more will it exist when there is a profound cultural and psychological chasm between the antagonists? Yet, paradoxically, this failure to understand the enemy can arise not only from a lack of sympathy with his position but also from a kind of misplaced sympathy: when confronted by a culturally exotic enemy, our first instinct is to understand his conduct in terms that are familiar to us, terms that make sense to us in light of our own fund of experience.

This was the plight faced by the peasants in Kurosawa's masterpiece The Seven Samurai and by the dirt farmers in the American remake, The Magnificent Seven. Men and women who knew nothing of battle, the impoverished peasants of a remote village found themselves at the mercy of a gang of ruthless bandits who each year came at harvest to steal what the peasant farmers had managed to eke from their soil. In their desperation the farmers turned to the seven samurai, all of whom had fallen on hard times.

The people who accepted them did not accept them as tentative or provisional. They were unalterable and absolute. They drove out all other competing ideas and ideologies. They literally turned their host organism into an instrument of their own poisonous and deadly will. The same thing is happening today. The poison of the radical Islamic fantasy ideology is being spread through the Muslim world, through schools and through the media, through mosques and through the demagoguery of the Arab street.

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