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Select the graph, then click Chart, then Add Trendline. From the choices of trendlines choose Linear. Now let舗s begin our survey of the various modeling situations. Linear Models For these kinds of situations, the data will be modeled by the classic linear equation Our task will be to find appropriate values of and for given data. Example 1: It is said that the height of a person is equal to his or her wingspan (the measurement from fingertip to fingertip when your arms are stretched horizontally).

Learned to compose functions. Review Questions In problems 1 - 2, determine if the relationship is a function. If it is a function, give the domain and range of the function. In problems 3 - 5, determine the domain and range of the function and sketch the graph if no graph is provided. In problems 6 - 8, sketch the graph using transformations of the graphs of basic functions. Find the composites, and for the following functions. Find the composites, and for the following functions. Review Answers The relationship is a function.

Example 2: Here are some other examples of equations with their corresponding graphs: Example 3: We recall the first equation as linear so that its graph is a straight line. Can you determine the intercepts? Solution: intercept at and intercept at Example 4: We recall from pre-calculus that the second equation is that of a circle with center and radius Can you show analytically that the radius is Solution: Find the four intercepts, by setting and solving for , and then setting and solving for .

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