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By Untza Utaola Alday

COLLOQUIAL SPANISH is simple to take advantage of and fully as much as date!

Specially written via skilled academics for self-study or type use, the path bargains a step by step method of written and spoken Spanish. No earlier wisdom of the language is required.

What makes COLLOQUIAL SPANISH your best option in own language learning?

  • Interactive – plenty of workouts for normal practice
  • Clear – concise grammar notes
  • Practical – important vocabulary and pronunciation guide
  • Complete – together with resolution key and reference section

By the top of this lucrative path, it is possible for you to to speak hopefully and successfully in Spanish in a extensive variety of daily situations.

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Puedo ir al cine? ¿Puedo usar el ordenador? ¿Puedo escribir a mi hermano? ¿Puedo ver la televisión por la tarde? Exercise 12 Here is a list of verbs in the imperative form. Can you match ti with their respective contexts? Look for the words you do not know in the glossary. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 entra trabaja mira firma sube baja cruza (a) la calle (b) este documento (e) las escaleras (d) más (e) en casa ( f) la televisión (g) la radio 55 Exercise 13 A friend of yours, who is travelling around the world, needs to know what the exchange rate is for American and Australian dollars, English and Irish pounds and French francs.

G. A: s: ¿Dónde vives? ¿Vives cerca del centro? No, vivo en el norte. Dialogue m At the hotel Michael enquires about a room in the Hotel Excelsior RECEPCIONISTA: M ICHAEL: RECEPCION ISTA: M ICHAEL: RECEPCI ONISTA: M ICHAEL: RECEPCIONISTA: M ICHAEL: RECEPCIONISTA: M ICHAEL: Buenas tardes, Señor. Hola, buenas tardes. ¿Tiene una habitación individual por favor? Tiene suerte. Queda una en el primer piso. ¿Para cuántas noches? Tres o cuatro, no estoy seguro. Está bien. ¿Tiene cuarto de baño? Sí señor, todas las habitaciones tienen cuarto de baño.

SEÑORA: MICHAEL: MICHAEL: SEÑOR: MICHAEL: SEÑOR: MICHAEL: SEÑOR: Vocabulary oiga siga todo recto carry straight on lo siento no importa a formal expression to attract someone's attention excuse me (formal) you know (formal) if chemist's near I 'm sorry lt does not matter mire look (formal) de nada al final at the end (el) joven perdone sabe si (la) fannada cerca de (formal) gire a la izquierda a la derecha al iado de (la) librería correcto a unos tres minutos turn (formal) to the left to the right next to bookshop correct about three minutes away not at all, you're welcome young man/youth Language in use Saber (to knowJ This verb is slightly irregular.

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