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By Tuan Duc Vuong, John Moore

Colloquial Vietnamese is simple to exploit and entirely up to date. specifically written by means of skilled lecturers for self-study or classification use, this path offers a step by step method of written and spoken Vietnamese. No earlier wisdom of the language is required.

Colloquial Vietnamese is:

  • interactive - with plenty of dialogues and workouts for normal practice
  • clear - offering concise grammar notes
  • practical - with beneficial vocabulary and pronunciation guide
  • complete - together with solution key and precise reference section.

By the top of this worthwhile direction it is possible for you to to speak expectantly and successfully in a extensive variety of events.

These CDs, recorded via local audio system, are a useful portion of the Colloquial course. They function dialogues and texts from the publication, and many interactive routines that will help you excellent your pronunciation and listening skills.

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Thing tntltc:: thine nly ttwne sau Excuse 1m. Mr Bond. will you stay on your own in Hanoi? MRKHoA: kit h6n tlol \I. Yes. my wife works in London. SIK will stay tlKre. She will come to Hanoi on IuJliday. I Set. What about you, Miss Anna? Are you married? No, I'm not. And will you live in the Embassy, too? No, I will live with a friend. She is on holiday in Austrolia now. She will come back to Hanoi next nwnth. That's good. It is very sad to live on your own. rOo v} ()ang Mr Kiwa chats 10 Andrew and Anna about their stay in Hanoi excuse me, sony (particle used to make what you say polite) I am working.

He a150 inlends to travel to Paris. Ask him how long he will stay in each place. Complete these sentences: 2 His wife has a very busy schedule today. She has to go to the airpon. the Foreign Ministry. the Ministry of Education. her house and the British Embassy. Ask your friend how long his wife will stay in each place. Exercise 2 Saigon Da Nang Victory horel Hillon hotel Majestic horel Grand horel D~ Ning hotel Yln Blnh hotel 2 days I week m m'y 4i~u hol nhlft 4q (mAy lenh) air conditioning mua glum help (me) to buy.

U? AM mu6n xem TV baa IAu? Anh mu6n dQc Wo baa IAu? Exercise 11 Mu6n is equivalent to the English ' would likc' or ' want', T61 mUDIi dlo thlm Vlft Nam. I would like to visit Vietnam. T6i ",u6',. in rom. I want to have dinner. Exercise 8 Find questions which these statements answer. I Tltn bln c6 pbfch. 2 Ctta hlng lJ g}n hieu In. Now find out how your friend spent yesterday. Ask her how long she apent: having a bath. sleeping. watching TV. reading the newspaper. having dinner. Exercise 12 Use phi'ln to make these requests more polite: 1 a dinh thllc t~i dfy tnt"c gil11n C<1m nM.

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