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By Michael Dietler

During the 1st millennium BCE, complicated encounters of Phoenician and Greek colonists with natives of the Iberian Peninsula reworked the area and motivated the whole heritage of the Mediterranean.

One of the 1st books on those encounters to seem in English, this quantity brings jointly a multinational team of individuals to discover old Iberia’s colonies and indigenous societies, in addition to the comparative learn of colonialism. those scholars—from quite a number disciplines together with classics, background, anthropology, and archaeology—address such issues as alternate and intake, altering city landscapes, cultural ameliorations, and the ways that those matters performed out within the Greek and Phoenician imaginations. Situating old Iberia inside of Mediterranean colonial heritage and developing a theoretical framework for coming near near encounters among colonists and natives, those stories exemplify the hot highbrow vistas opened via the engagement of colonial experiences with Iberian history.

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Even in the Americas, with their deeper history of conquest, indigenous languages have persisted in many areas. Mitchell 1947:3. In the phrase of Chakrabarty 2000. ” Neither uses the word colonialism at all, while Arruda, chapter 4, does, with an explicit definition. Rouillard, chapter 5, provides yet another perspective. For example, see Cohn 1996; Comaroff and Comaroff 1991; Dirks 1992; Duverger 1980; Dyson 1985; Ferro 1997; Fieldhouse 1981; Finley 1976; Horvath 1972; Koebner 1966; Osterhammel 1997; Pagden 1995; Said 1993; and the discussion of this problem in Dietler 2005a and, especially, in press.

In the context of the themes examined in this volume, it should be clear why a critical reanalysis of these ancient colonial encounters should be such an important task, given the weight that has been placed upon them in the construction of “Western” origin myths and images of self and other. 61 We and our academic disciplines are, after all, products of that cultural legacy, and this has repercussions. 62 What is crucial is the constant questioning of our implicit assumptions and their discursive bases, because these have a great influence in conditioning research goals, interpretation, and evaluation of knowledge claims.

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