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Verrazano did not find the passage, but he made important discoveries about the eastern coast of North America from North Carolina to Newfoundland, Canada. Amerigo Vespucci (1454–1512) Vespucci was an Italian explorer who was given credit for being the first to recognize that the Americas were not part of Asia. He was the first to use the term New World. The word America is the Latin version of his first name. 46 Timeline 50,000 BC The first humans arrive in North America, by present-day Alaska.

Malam, John. Columbus Reaches the Americas. Smart Apple Media, 2003. Stein, R. Conrad. The Conquistadores: Building a Spanish Empire in the Americas. Child’s World, 2004.

At that time, rumors were flying about the Seven Cities of Cíbola, supposedly located to the north. These cities were said to have buildings made from bricks of pure gold. The legends were of great interest to the 28-year-old conquistador. He had been on a search for wealth for many years. Coronado had been born into a rich family in Spain. However, Coronado was left to find his own fortune after his older brother inherited all the family’s wealth. So, three years earlier, he had left for the New World to start a new life.

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