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Columbus and the adventure to the hot global highlights the influence that his epic trip had at the international. Why was once Columbus so decided? What did he promise sort Ferdinand? Historians have referred to as Columbus's touchdown in the United States the best occasion in global heritage. Biographies and timelines all through this identify help scholars as they describe the chronology of occasions and verify what occurred and why. This identify will permit scholars to figure out or extra crucial rules in a textual content and examine their improvement over the process the textual content.

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Verrazano did not find the passage, but he explored the eastern coast of North America from North Carolina to Newfoundland, Canada. The search for the Northwest Passage continued for hundreds of years. The British and Dutch also sent expeditions. They often came back with important findings about islands, rivers, and bays along the Atlantic coast. They claimed land for their countries. But the first expedition to sail all the way through the Northwest Passage would be commanded by a Norwegian. In 1906, Roald Amundsen’s ship, the Gjoa, sailed from the Atlantic to the Pacific through islands of northern Canada and around Alaska.

The Grand Canyon of Arizona is one of North America’s most spectacular sites, but Coronado’s thirsty men were not impressed. 35 Chapter 5 Beyond the Age of Discovery 36 The findings of early European explorers led to accurate world maps, such as this one from 1694. The stories of the Age of Discovery all share a common theme. Europeans in search of fortune headed west across the Atlantic. Columbus, Cabot, and Magellan thought they would find their treasure by finding a water route to Asia. Conquistadors sought riches in the lands themselves.

The Spanish conquistador led the first European expedition to the famous river in 1541. 29 In 1538, Coronado was governor of a province of Mexico. At that time, rumors were flying about the Seven Cities of Cíbola, supposedly located to the north. These cities were said to have buildings made from bricks of pure gold. The legends were of great interest to the 28-year-old conquistador. He had been on a search for wealth for many years. Coronado had been born into a rich family in Spain. However, Coronado was left to find his own fortune after his older brother inherited all the family’s wealth.

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