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Thus the remaining four-point functions etc. do not contain the propagator parts. 88) for all states la) E IHI with inclusion of the vacuum state 10), where N indicates that all two-point functions are extracted from the original time-ordered product T( "pI, .. "pIn)' In consequence of the normalordering of functional states it is necessary to also transform the corresponding functional equations and the additional constraints. 89) 40 2 Covariant Quantum Field Dynamics where in the last step the antisymmetry of Fh 12 was used.

G. 48 3 Algebraic SchrOdinger Representation by Moschella and Strocchi [Mos 90]. A group theoretical and algebraic classification of the various possibilities of indefinite metric was aimed at by Saller [SaIl 89,91,92,93]. , Bratteli and Robinson [Brat 79], as well as in original axiomatic quantum field theory, cf. e. with Hilbert spaces. The extension of these treatments of quantum fields with positive metric to the case of quantum fields with indefinite metric was performed by the above-mentioned authors and led to general statements about the structure of such theories.

On the other hand we will give a description of quantum fields which replaces the SchrOdinger equation of quantum mechanics in Chapter 3. So our formulation may be regarded as a kind of fusion of Heisenberg and Schrodinger picture. e. P /LIO) = 0 must hold. We will explicitly perform this renormalization in Chapter 3. 1 Covariant Quantum Field Dynamics Introduction Following the rules of quantum mechanics the theoretical description of quantum systems is based on the explicit knowledge of the corresponding state space.

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