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By Michael Greenhalgh

A survey of a number of the ways that the wide continues to be of historic structure have been reused or destroyed within the crescent from Greece and Turkey via Syria, Palestine, North Africa to Islamic Spain. The booklet enhances and echoes many of the topics within the author's "Marble earlier, enormous current" (2009). providing a number of diversified examples, it examines how the traditional panorama used to be remodeled - cities, roads and ports, fountains and waterways, tombs, palaces, villas and inscriptions. It then addresses reuse in church buildings, mosques and different constructions, dealing additionally with creditors and museum-builders. additionally thought of are the dismantling and delivery of the usually substantial blocks, and the superstitions surrounding antiquities which contributed to their carrying on with renown or to their destruction.

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89 Niewöhner 2009, including their re-use and redistribution. 90 Rondot 1991, for capitals from Antinoe, then in a mosque at nearby Mellawi, and then taken to the Citadel at Cairo. 95 Columns in good condition (preferably retaining their polish – not that the Moslems had any difficulty doing their own polishingclxxvii any more than did Europeans)96 were popular, as can be seen from the great numbers re-used in later structures. clxxviii Column shafts were sometimes recut into slabs which could then be used in wall decoration.

4 basilicas at Andriake, two at Sura, a complex at Alakilise, another at Alacahisar, and others at Asarcik West and East – and none more than 12km from the coast. All stripped back to bare walls, and generally only limestone fittings (such as capitals and architrave blocks) are left. 57 Leisten 2003, on Samarra, 36: Herzfeld found the mosque stripped of building materials, especially wood, brick and marble. 58 Delestre 2005, 56: postcard (c. 1895) of the “Propriété Chevillot, Mosaïque Punique et Colonnes Romaines” – showing four columns laid down together, presumably for abstraction.

Xxxv They were perpetually in a rush, so it is little surprise that some heaps of confusing ruins – such as Sagalassos or Kremna from Davis in 1874xxxvi – got short shrift. ’ ” 38 Ubertini 2005: for a demonstration of how much has already gone at Elephantine, see author’s plates of the reconstruction jigsaw for Baukomplex X, plates 1–8, showing less than one-tenth of materials surviving – and these are largely bas-reliefs. 39 But Which Antiquity? xl This basic imbalance between the modern and the old also affected how locals viewed the past, and was the cause of much destruction during the 19th century, as erstwhile traditional countries learned to do things the European way.

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