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Tree alley plaza of retail street 总平面图: 1. 水之韵广场 (商业入口景观) 2. 风情商业街 3. 万香广场 4. 人造土坡, 散置风情雕塑 5. 水莲灯 6. 菩提栈道 7. 雅缇阁 8. 花语台(观景台) 9. 静心道 10. 特色喷水景墙 11. 水韵间 (水景体验区) 12. 禅韵阁 13. 清风平台 14. 林荫道 15. 健身乐园 16. 榕廊 (宅间庭院) 17. 月照花林 18. 地下车库 出入口 19. 雅兰小筑 (看护儿童) 20. 高层人行入口 21. 洋房半地下 车库出入口 22. 汽车掉头 23. 游乐天地 24. 主入口 25. 商业街 临时车位 26. 商业街 树阵广场 1 3 19 18 2 20 7 5 4 6 8 16 21 9 22 10 23 15 25 11 12 17 13 14 26 24 043 6 7 044 8 6. Small courtyard spaces forms simple and natural landscapes 7. Foreign styles featured in the landscape design enrich the texture of the landscape spaces 8.

062 The Grass Corridor: the northern region of China has cold and dry climate and supports a rich variety of grasses. Perennial and native grasses are grown along the meandering boardwalk that traverses the park. Seating and trellises that support vines are scattered along the corridor to provide respite along the footpath. Grasses and plants spill onto the boardwalk, inviting visitors to brush up against and experience the range of textures in the regional landscape.

Five zoning areas under diverse themes interpret perfectly another classic tropical project. Southeast Asia garden landscape is built blending with real and unreal varieties. Each small theme community occupies very small area with little green belt. This landscape design creates gracious, quiet, comfortable and natural small courtyards according to the local circumstances as the most frequent places of the residences, which provide the landscape with the noble and comfortable living quality. SED creates this classical Thai style garden based on the preference of ecology and new humanism with the succinct modern design style to coordinate the landscape with the surrounding design style.

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