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By Mohammed Ali Al-Bar, Hassan Chamsi-Pasha

This ebook discusses the typical ideas of morality and ethics derived from divinely endowed intuitive cause during the construction of al-fitr' a (nature) and human mind (al-‘aql). Biomedical themes are awarded and moral concerns relating to themes equivalent to genetic trying out, assisted replica and organ transplantation are discussed.

Whereas those average resources are God’s distinctive presents to humans, God’s revelation as given to the prophets is the supernatural resource of divine tips in which human groups were guided normally via heritage. the second one a part of the booklet concentrates at the pursuits of Islamic non secular perform – the maqa' sid – which come with: maintenance of religion, renovation of lifestyles, maintenance of brain (intellect and reason), upkeep of Progeny (al-nasl) and protection of estate. finally, the 3rd a part of the ebook discusses chosen topical concerns, together with abortion, assisted copy units, genetics, organ transplantation, mind dying and end-of-life features. for every subject, the present scientific proof is by means of an in depth dialogue of the moral concerns involved.

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Notes and References 17 6. Sachedina A (2009) Islamic biomedical ethics: principles and application. Oxford University Press, New York, pp 10–14 7. Brockopp J, Eich T (2008) Muslim medical ethics from theory to practice. University of South Carolina Press, Preface IX, X and Introduction 1–7 8. Hamdy S (2012) Our bodies belong to god: organ transplants, Islam, and the struggle for human dignity in Egypt. University of California Press, Los Angeles 9. Auda J (2008) Maqasid al-Shari’ah, as philosophy of Islamic Law.

However,they agree and adopt part of the Mu’tazli theology, but they are not Mu’tazili. In fact, a number of their doctrines is far removed from Mu’tazili theology. The Kharijites: This is the fraction that disagreed with Imam Ali during the battle of Siffin in 36 AH and rebelled against him and later assassinated him. The Kharijites constitute of the Arab tribes who rebelled against the caliphal authority. They fought the Umayyad dynasty with unprecedented bravery and caused, at least partly, its demise.

All the vices will ensue if the carnal desires, egotism, arrogance, pride, hegemony, unsatiated desire for wealth and power, are not controlled by reason and revelation. Both are needed to control the beast in each one of us hidden deep in the egotistic arrogant selfish desires. Man should strive hard to control his desires and aspire to those exalted who always do good and refrain from harming others: “And those who strive in Our (cause), We will certainly guide them to Our paths; for verily God is with those who do right” (Q.

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