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Loads of own info is being accrued and kept as we use our media units for enterprise and enjoyment in cellular and on-line areas. This e-book is helping us think of what a post-Facebook or post-Google global may well seem like, and the way the tensions inside of capitalist info societies among agencies, executive and electorate may well play out.

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25 The Declarations were in effect recognising that privacy issues would need updating to keep in step with the evolution of technologies and interoperable media and information technology platforms. 28 Nonetheless, the hard-won battles of obtaining international recognition of rights have been the main pathway to sustaining personal privacy against the tide of information technologies. Yet despite all of the attention in international instruments, there remains a clear historical divide across the Atlantic over the development of privacy protections.

There is simply too much sheer political economic power pushing out media applications, including locative features for smartphones, tablets and other mobile media devices, for it to be otherwise. 74 Yet, in some measure, Bauman’s ‘liquid modernity’ remains an apt metaphor for a post-privacy society, where there’s a kind of privatised, neoliberal ambivalence and widespread acceptance of a transition in our own self-mediatising and communicative practices. Online locative media is undoubtedly a catalyst for building the foundations for new privacy normativities.

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