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By Steinberg, Dave S.

This ebook information infallible recommendations for designing digital to resist serious thermal environments. It additionally deals mathematical modeling functions, utilizing analog resistor networks, to supply the breakup of advanced platforms into a variety of person thermal resistors and nodes if you favor high-speed electronic machine strategies to thermal difficulties.

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1. A heat balance equation is written for each node point in the mathematical model. The simultaneous solution of these equations then results in the temperatures at each node point. The heat balance equations are a little easier to use when the concept of thermal conductance is used instead of thermal resistance. Thermal conductance ( k ) is defined as the inverse of the thermal resistance ( R ) , as shown in Eq. 26. 7 7 Analog resistor network for two-dimensional heat flow in a plate. 54 CONDUCTION COOLING FOR CHASSIS AND CIRCUIT BOARDS Substitute Eq.

The walls of a sealed box must be capable of withstanding high forces due to high pressure differentials at high altitudes. The increased stiffness requirements will result in a weight increase and a size increase. Humidity can cause serious problems in the electronic equipment when the internal circulating air is cooler than the outside ambient air. 3 Closed-cooling air recirculating system for electronic equipment rack on the electronic components, connectors, and circuit boards, producing short circuits o r radical changes in the resistance between electronic components.

A heat balance equation must be written for each of the node points in the mathematical model to determine the temperature at each node point. To avoid the possibility of making an error in establishing a positive (+) or negative ( - ) heat flow direction within the heat sink bracket, a simple rule can be followed. Assume that all of the heat is flowing into each node as it is being examined. This will require changing the assumed heat flow direction in the various conductors, as the 7 r 0 . 72 Components mounted on a heat sink bracket.

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