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T h i s s i t u a t i o n a r i s e s , i f somebody t h i n k s i t w o u l d be b e t t e r t o e x c l u d e t h e i d e n t i c a l s u b s t i t u t i o n from a VIGEdERE. I t a l s o happens w i t h a l l p a i r w i s e i n v o l u t o r y s u b s t i t u t i o n s . I n t h e ENIGMA, by a r e f l e c t i o n i n t h e l a s t d i s k t h e number o f r o t o r s t h a t were a c t u a l l y u s e d was n u m e r i c a l l y d o u b l e d , and t h e system was known. T h i s l e d t o p a i r w i s e i n v o l u t o r y subs t i t u t i o n s and t o a s i m p l e p o s s i b i l i t y t o s t a r t a break.

F. FRIEOI,IAN, i n Encyclopedia h e r i c a n a by 9. KAKN, on C R Y P T X R A T Y Y i n L o r l d 3ook Encyclope- d i a by L. 3. CALLINAHOS, i n Chamber's Encyclopedia by H. :I. JAMES. 47 Mechanical Cryptographic Devices Thomas Jefferson’s wheel cipher I , cf. Kahn 1964 48 Mechanical Cryptographic Devices Hagelin-s machine BC - 5 4 3 , cf. 2 Franke 1982. 49 CRYPTANALYSIS OF A KRYHA MACHINE Alan G. Konheim Mathematical Sciences Department IBM Thomas J. Watson Research Center P. 0. Box 218, Yorktown Heights, New York 10598/USA I .

Consider a comunication system, in which any user T, wants to be able to send a message to some arbitrary other user T2 exclusively, even without identifying hixnself or having any feedback. This model applies to satellitesaddressing certain authorized ground stations, measuring instruments reporting to certain authorized controllers, etc. Fig. 20: A puljlic key c r y p t o system It is realized by a cryptosystem with a public key library, based on the idea of "trap-door-functions". These, loosely speaking, are one-way-functions whose inversion becomes easy if some hidden (trapdoor-)information is known, cf.

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