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By Matthew S. May

During this thesis I reconsider the materiality of rhetoric in a minor key. I evaluation
poststructural and psychoanalytic endeavors to place rhetoric from in the
postmodern and poststructural critique of the topic. I movement past the common sense of
influence (dependent on a wrong notion of item) and hermeneutics (the
correspondingly incorrect methodology). In thisendeavor, I basically enlist Deleuze and
Guattari (1987) for a conceptual equipment that enlivens the “thinness” of rhetoric’s
(neo)Aristotelian conceptual layout (cf. Gaonkar, 1997a, 1997b). I provide Monster(2003)
as a case learn, examining the discursive expression of nondiscursive summary machines to
draw out the reterritorializations of the latter. spotting the impossibility of whole
reterritorialization I map one artifact that reinvests distinction in itself, Dancer within the
Dark(2000). ultimately, within the epilogue I supply a quick recapitulation of youth politics,
and provide a summarization of the application of rhetoric.

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Each side of this axiom must be examined—as it functions as double articulation that we find evidenced in Monster (2003). On one side the deterritorializing cultural institutions correlative with postindustrial capitalism provide the conditions of possibility for shifting and fluid identities. On the other side of the articulation, individuals are bound in a process of reterritorialization, “taking the form of communities demanding recognition” (p. 10). As Badiou (2003) argues, “each identification (the creation of cobbling together of identity) creates a figure that provides a material for its investment 29 by the market” (p.

After the police circulate sketches of Selby and Lee, she busses Selby back to the comfort of her parents’ home. Eventually Lee is picked up by the police on an obscure charge and is set up by Selby (under pressure from the authorities) to confess after the police have wire-taped a conversation between the two lovers. The film then cuts to a court scene where we see, but do not hear, what is presumably, Selby’s testimony against Lee. We do not hear the conviction but are only privy to Lee’s (as in Wuornos’ characteristic) outbreak in the courtroom: “Thank you judge.

Third, Foucault warns against understanding power as a phenomenon of one individuals domination over another or one class’s domination over another; rather, power…is not that which makes the difference between those who exclusively possess it and retain it, and those who do not have it and submit to it. Power must be analysed [sic] as something which circulates, or rather as something which only functions in the form of a chain…Power is employed and exercised though a net-like organization. And not only do individuals circulate between its threads they are always in the position of simultaneously undergoing and exercising this power.

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