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By Joseph Gustaitis

Readers of the twelve books in our soiled and hazardous Jobs will discover why such a lot of humans decide to paintings in occupations that placed their lives at the line.

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Brookfield, CT: Twenty-First Century Books, 2003. Reed, Jim. Storm Chaser: A Photographer’s Journey. New York: Abrams, 2007. Stanley, Ed. Storm Chasers. Parsippany, NJ: Celebration Press, 2006. com This website posts dramatic pictures for people interested in tornadoes. html From the Discovery Channel, a website all about storm chasers. com/tornadoes The “All About Tornadoes” page of this website includes both information and pictures. gov This website of the National Severe Storms Laboratory includes a great deal of helpful information for students thinking about pursuing a degree in meteorology.

It’s an exciting movie with lots of action scenes. But most real storm chasers don’t think the movie gives a very accurate picture of storm chasing. They think it shows storm chasers doing foolish and dangerous things, like trying to drive into the path of a tornado. Still, many storm chasers were happy to see a movie that was about them. Millions of people who saw the movie found out about storm chasing for the first time. Twister made storm chasing seem important and exciting. After the movie came out, more people became interested in becoming meteorologists and doing storm chasing as their job.

Spotter: A person who watches for severe weather and reports what he or she sees to meteorologists. supercell: A thunderstorm in which warm air rises upward and rotates. tornado warning: A statement issued by the National Weather Service that says a tornado has been seen by people or on radar, or is likely to form very soon, and telling where it will likely hit. tornado watch: A statement issued by the National Weather Service that says a tornado might occur within the next few hours. unstable: Likely to change quickly.

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