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The Company requires that personnel, equipment, and operating practices be consistent with the highest standards of health and safety. The presence of drugs and alcohol in the workplace and the influence of these substances on employees during working hours, while often violative of law, is also inconsistent with effective business operations and is grounds for disciplinary action. While the Company has no intention of intruding into the personal lives of its employees, the Company recognizes that alcohol and drug abuse, as well as other problems in living, can be successfully treated and provides a program designed to assist affected employees and their dependents.

The major advantage of the community model is the minimal commitment of company staff. A disadvantage is that community resources are not Defining the Problem 35 usually designed for resolving drug abuse problems as they relate to work environments generally or to a company's specific characteristics. The In-House Model This approach is almost always reserved for companies that are willing and able to commit substantial in-house resources. Counseling services are provided by staff members, with some forms of treatment provided in the community.

When specimens are collected and/or tested by in-house resources, the door is open to claims that management is falsifying test results in order to discharge certain employees, such as members of the union or minority groups. Using an outside vendor to collect and analyze specimens will prevent this from becoming an issue. Refer all positive test results to a physician or trained professional for the purpose of ruling out any alternative explanations for the positive results. Notify employees who test positive and allow them to confer with a supervisor or manager.

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