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By K. Sandhoff, P. Leinekugel (auth.), J. A. F. Op den Kamp (eds.)

Membrane proteins, lipids and their glycosylated derivatives are mentioned either with appreciate to their biosynthesis in addition to concerning their mutual interplay and meeting into practical membranes. subject matters disguise a wide number of structures and cells: research on virus membranes in addition to professional- and eukaryotic cells are included.

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The structures of the aggregates in groups 1-3 are well established (cf Fig. 1). 45 A B c Figure 1. Structure of the most common anisotropic liquid crystalline phases that membrane lipids can form. (A) Normal hexagonal (Hr) phase; (B) lamellar (La) phase; and (C) inverted hexagonal (Hn) phase. , 1984. The positions in the phase diagram of the various phases occurring in a lipid-water system often give very helpful information about the physicochemical properties and, in particular for the many possible different cubic phases, about the aggregate structure building up the phases.

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