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By David Weiner Luis X. B. Mourao

The world’s top Axapta 3.0 specialists will take you from Axapta beginner to professional during this ebook. This authoritative and accomplished advisor walks you lightly in the course of the bulk of what you want to be aware of to productively practice the procedure within the actual worldwith genuine facts, sizing directions, deployment architectures, and code.

By the book’s finish, you have bought functional hands-on event. You’ll manage to get Axapta 3.0 up and operating, and establish gaps among the out-of-the-box product and your genuine enterprise wishes. You’ll additionally understand how to automate real-world company functions.

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0 SP3, and often caches are not synchronized across AOS clusters until the AOSs are restarted. Our research into this issue leads us to conclude that this is the result of the synchronization frequency being too high and/or the atomicity of the corresponding database transaction being too large. The cache is unable to complete the synchronization transaction in the database within the time interval, so it rolls back the transaction and starts anew. This process cycles indefinitely so the cache is never updated.

In fact, often we meet consultants who work with Axapta on a daily basis but have never installed it. We even know system administrators and developers who feel uncomfortable with installing Axapta. This is no surprise—it’s a complex product, with a complex installation procedure that is essential to get right. However, we suggest that you read this chapter regardless of your relationship with Axapta. Working through the installation process is a quick and simple way to get an understanding of how the different software pieces fit together, and of their possibilities and limitations.

Note Some of the functionality described in this book might not be available or may not function exactly as described if you are using Oracle. The most important differences within the context of Axapta are covered in Chapter 19. , nchar, nvarchar, and ntext in Microsoft SQL Server. If this box is not checked, string data is assumed to be ANSI. ■Note Unicode characters require 2 bytes, even for single-byte character sets such as English. Axapta itself is based on the Dual Byte Character Set (DBCS); however, by storing your textual data in Unicode it is guaranteed to display correctly on systems configured to most of the world’s languages (with the exception of the Hindu family of languages, which requires Uniscribe).

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