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The goal of the current publication may be to supply a finished account of our current wisdom of the speculation of dynamical phenomena exhibited by means of elose binary platforms; and at the foundation of such phenomena as were attested via on hand observations to stipulate possible evolutionary traits of such structures during time. The evolution of the celebrities - inspired through nuelear as weIl as gravitation al strength resources - constitutes these days a well-established department of stellar astronomy. No theo­ ries of such an evolution are as but sufficently particular - not to mention infallible - to not require continuous assessments by means of a disagreement in their outcomes with the saw prop­ erties of tangible stars at diverse levels in their evolution. The discriminating energy of such exams relies, after all, at the variety of knowledge provided by means of the attempt items. unmarried stars which circulate on my own in house at the moment are recognized to symbolize just a minority of gadgets constituting our Galaxy (cf. bankruptcy 1-2); and are, furthermore, no longer very revealing in their simple actual features - comparable to their lots or absolute dimensions. If there have been no binary platforms within the sky, the single big name whose important facts will be absolutely identified to us will be our Sun.

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The values of these constants depend, in turn, on the nature of the disturbing forces; and the regularity of V' at the origin ~ if required ~ necessitates that dj = O. Let us first confine our attention to the case of rotational distortion of our configuration, arising from uniform rotation with constant angular velo city w about one (say, z-) axis whose direction is fixed in space. 43) L valid to any arbitrary degree of accuracy. Therefore, over an equipotential surface specified by the radius vector r ', * An assumption of constant velocity is not essential for the validity of our procedure.

To evaluate the two constituents of n, let us expand ß- 1 in terms of the Legendre polynomials Pn(cos r) of ascending integral order n in a well-known series of the form (r,)n -ß1 = -r1 L... ~ ---' r- Pn (cos r) , r'

R3; and the resuIts based on the equilibrium theory continue to be directly applicable to reality. Suppose, however, that the radius-vector R ceases to be constant (on account of a finite eccentricity of the relative orbit): if so, the height of aj-th partial tide should vary as R-j-l in the course of each orbital cycle, thus setting the fluid in motion. Moreover, if the distorted component also rotates about an axis which is not perpendicular to the orbital plane, and its angular velo city W of rotation is different from WK, the fact that FIGURES OF EQUILIBRIUM 47 the crest of each tide follows (in the absence of dissipative forces) the radius-vector R will give rise to finite velocity components in the rotating system of coordinates - constituting dynamical tides.

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