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Robert, thèse de doctorat, Université de Montpellier, 1994 Key Engineering Materials Vol. 57 Identification of materials properties using displacement field measurement M. Fazzini a, O. Dalverny b and S. fr Key words: Parametric Identification, Inverse Methods, Stereo-correlation, Optical methods, FullField Measurements Abstract. The aim of this work is to identify parameters driving constitutive equations of materials with displacement field measurements carried out by image stereo-correlation during an unidirectional tensile test.

Let Xi and Fi the corresponding measures of X and F during the ith experiment. Let Ti be the duration of this ith test. , s. (4) The application of the least square procedure is straightforward. It corresponds to equation (4) ˙ t and the successively multiplied by the transposed vector Xti , the transposed velocity vector X i 34 Dynamics of the Structures and Non Destructive Testing ¨ t . , s. Let’s define the 12 × 12 symmetric matrix G, the 12 × 4 matrix V and the 12 × 4 matrix U = [M D K]t gathering the 4 × 4 matrices M , D and K:     Ti ¨ Ti ¨ ∫ ∫ s s X Xi i ∑ ∑ [ t ] ¨ X ˙ t Xt dt X  ˙ i X ˙ i  Fti dt.

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