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By Jordi Moya-Laraño, Jennifer Rowntree, Guy Woodward

The topic of this quantity is to debate Eco-evolutionary Dynamics.

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Guppies exerted strong effects on the mesocosm ecosystem, decreasing algal standing stocks by nearly 80% (Fig. , 2010). , 2010). However, HP and LP guppies were not interchangeable in their effects on the experimental ecosystems (Fig. , 2010). For example, LP guppies decreased algal standing stocks to a greater extent than did HP guppies. HP guppies depleted invertebrate abundance more than LP guppies. , 2010). , 2010). 1 Standing stock of (A) algae and (B) invertebrates after 28 days from mesocosm experiment with no guppies and guppy phenotype crossed with guppy density.

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