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It is senseless to believe that they can all be taught in the same way. When an assignment is set, think about what is important. What are the students supposed to get from ELAC02 24 14/5/04, 2:18 PM Motivating computing students 25 • • • the assignment? Is it more important that they do this, or that they do it by a particular time? Ensure that teaching materials cater for more than one preferred way of learning. Students prefer to learn, and learn best, in different ways. Having said that, it is possible that a particular learning task can be specified in a way that drives students to try and learn in a particular way.

Another way in which it can be helpful to teachers is by providing a flow of interesting and creative problems for students to work on. While working on model problems is essential when starting out, students appreciate efforts made to work on more realistic problems once they have gained more experience. There are a variety of ways in which links between students and businesses can be initiated. Industrial placements are one option. However, while sandwich-year students greatly value their experience and claim that it helps their employability, it is not a suitable course of action for all students.

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