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By Augusto Álvarez Rodrich (Director)

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David Weiss, an SWP member in Philadelphia, who observed the gathering, reported in The Militant that the “atmosphere of the conference was marked by youthful energy and optimism. The delegates tackled the task of deciding their program and mapping a plan of action in dead earnest, yet the deliberations were repeatedly illuminated by brilliant flashes of humor. “There was sharp controversy; nothing was taken for granted; nothing was cut and dried; and when the conference arrived at fundamental agreement on point after point it was not until everyone had been heard, every difference aired and the issue to be voted on clearly understood.

For many weeks there were demonstrations every Saturday outside the Woolworth’s stores. We in the Boston YSA also galvanized into action. We were outraged by racism and, as socialists, understood that racism served as a pillar of capitalism by dividing the working class. As young people, we were inspired to act by what the young Blacks in the South were doing, putting their bodies and lives on the line. We wanted to act on our hatred of racism and our solidarity with those on the front lines of the battle.

Throughout 1959, the Cuban revolution had radicalized, much to Washington’s dismay. When they were fighting in the mountains, Castro and the other leaders of the July 26 Movement championed the cause of the peasantry and the agricultural laborers. They had promised to carry out a radical land reform to give all the peasants land and end desperate poverty, unemployment, and illiteracy in the countryside. The July 26 urban underground fought in the name of winning better conditions for the working people and the youth.

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