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There is no finish to clichés and straightforward assumptions approximately congregational wellbeing and fitness and energy. it truly is a lot more uncomplicated to begin a brand new church than flip round an previous one; nondenominational church buildings are growing to be, whereas denominational church buildings are demise; small-membership church buildings are involved in basic terms with survival; suburban church buildings care purely approximately never-ending programming and "spiritual entertainment"; downtown church buildings are doomed to decay.

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The good echoing words of the King James Bible that experience boomed in the course of the English-speaking brain for four hundred years – a watch for an eye fixed . . . devour, drink and be merry . . . . loss of life, the place is thy sting? . . . guy shall no longer stay by way of bread on my own – are principally the paintings of a guy whose genius for phrases fits Shakespeare.

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Rev. Harrison attended a portion of this workshop, jotting down notes of the perspectives shared by the youth in the dialogue. Asked to give remarks at the end of the event, Harrison used this opportunity to continue the theme of being a dreamer and dream keeper, which was the focus of the previous day’s sermon: It does not matter where you are from. Your dream is where you are going. . My dream is that you will lead your family, your school, your community to racial unity to exemplify the principles of non-violence .

All but one of the clergy interviewed (an associate minister of Christopher Temple) has achieved at least one graduate degree in theology. A bias of this study is that of the importance of a theologically educated ministry for my concept of transformative pastoral leadership in the black church. The category, “years in the traveling ministry” may be roughly equated to the number of years of service as an ordained minister. Thus, the reflections of these ministers are grounded in many years of ministerial praxis in the black Methodist context.

I have discovered that healing not only takes time; it takes work. For me, this work includes my advocacy for the acceptance of qualified female clergy at all levels of the church through my research and writing as well as by my teaching and mentoring of female and male clergy. 44 In this model, practical questions are generated from present crises in ministry. Many of the research questions are practical questions that arise from my experience as a pastor and leader in my denomination. My studies have provided theoretical frameworks to think about these questions and to generate new questions.

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