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By Paul M. Blowers

Maximus the Confessor (580–662) is well-known by means of historians of Christian proposal for his contributions to philosophical theology within the japanese Christian culture. His moment greatest paintings, the Quaestiones advert Thalassium, is a suite of his responses to a wide selection of questions about troublesome or imprecise scriptural texts that his buddy the Libyan monk Thalassius had posed to him. previous experiences of Maximus’s theology have used and mentioned the Quaestiones advert Thalassium as a resource, yet this ebook is the 1st really good learn of this accomplished paintings in its personal right.
Paul M. Blowers examines Maximus’s function as an expositor of scripture and religious father within the Byzantine monastic culture, illuminating the connection among Maximus the philosopher-theologian and Maximus the monastic pedagogue. the 1st chapters holiday new flooring in exploring the style, historical past, and monastic context of the Quaestiones advert Thalassium. The publication then outlines Maximus’s hermeneutical theology and exegetical technique as formed inside of his greater approach of idea. Translated excerpts from the Quaestiones advert Thalassium are interwoven into this examine to offer the reader better entry to Maximus’s personal discourses.

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