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By John Stewart Bowman

Discusses the voyages, navigation routes, and watercraft of explorers within the old international, from prehistoric occasions to the start of the center a long time.

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Radiating out from their urban centers, these peoples ranged ever farther into unknown lands and seas. These early expeditions and explorers were not motivated by some selfless desire to shed light on the unknown. Rather, most were engaged in trade or diplomacy or conquest. Whatever their motives, because these civilizations simultaneously developed systems of writing, some of their members are credited today with being among the earliest of explorers. C. This region is generally known as Mesopotamia—“between the rivers”—and for at least the next 3,500 28 years it was the homeland for a series of different dominating peoples.

Roman historian Pliny the Elder, passed into the North Atlantic as far as the French coast of Brittany. Some modern scholars claim Himilco went as far as Cornwall, the southwestern tip of Britain, reached some 200 years later by Pytheas; others claim he went out into the North Atlantic as far as the Sargasso Sea, well past the Azores. Such extreme claims are rejected by most scholars, and everything about Himilco’s voyage remains questionable. A somewhat more solid story is that involving the expedition of a contemporary of Himilco and a fellow Carthaginian, Hanno.

C. Although clearly fictional, the poem served to introduce the Babylonians to a world beyond their narrow confines. The Egyptians, meanwhile, had their own story of a merchant who claimed to have been sent by a pharaoh on a business trip; when his ship was wrecked in a storm, he alone survived and was washed up on an island. The island was rich in fruits and animal life, and after an encounter with a giant snake, the merchant was rescued by a ship that the snake had loaded with fine products to bring back to Egypt.

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